Welcome to the new "Preserve and Share ―Tung Wah Museum Archives” website
With a view to share with the public the rich historical and cultural resources of the Tung Wah Museum, the Records and Heritage Office of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals launched the“Preserve and Share ―Tung Wah Museum Archives”website (www.twmarchives.hk) in July 2016. The website features with the museum’s archives catalogue, the selected historical photos and 300 correspondences of the Tung Wah Coffin Home archives.
 After more than a year of hard work, the Office proudly presents this brand new "Preserve and Share ―Tung Wah Museum Archives”(www.twmarchives.hk) website.  In addition to the enrichment of the content of the three original collections of 2016, we also introduce two new archival collections, namely the“Zhengxinlu Collection”and the“Tung Wah Monthly Collection”. The “Zhengxinlu Collection”carries the selected part of 23 copies of the Zhengxinlu of Tung Wah Hospital published from 1873 to 1910. This is the oldest collection of archives in Tung Wah Museum and is deemed invaluable. The "Tung Wah Monthly Collection" uploads the entire contents of the first "Tung Wah Hospital Monthly" published in 1931 and 23 issues of Tung Wah Monthly published from 1947 to 1950. The magazine once served as promotion materials connecting the Group and the public and is now of great research value.    
In the midst of the 148th anniversary of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, we sincerely present you a brand new "Preserve and Share ―Tung Wah Museum Archives”(www.twmarchives.hk) website and thanks for your continued support towards the heritage work of Tung Wah.