Since its opening in 1872, the Tung Wah Hospital has been publishing the Zhengxinlu (similar to the annual report today) every year for free distribution to the board of directors, donors and members of the public. The hospital's first Zhengxinlu in 1872 has been lost; thus the one in 1873 becomes the earliest available of its kind maintained by the Tung Wah Museum and is the oldest item in the archival collection of the Group. The contents of Zhengxinlu includes the hospital’s expenditure and income, rules and regulations, list of board of directors, list of donors, as well as donation records and statistical records of various kinds of services of the year. The information not only tells about the operation of the Tung Wah Hospital in early days, but also reflects the life of the Chinese community in Hong Kong. 
The “Zhengxinlu” collection presents selected parts of the first 23 available copies of Zhengxinlu of the Tung Wah Hospital from 1873 to 1910 and copies of other years will be added later on. Those who aspire to gain access to other contents of the Zhengxinlu for academic research may submit the application to the Corporate Communications Branch of    Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. Please refer to the following link for details. Approval for the application is subject to the final decision of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.