The Tung Wah Museum preserves a special collection of "Tung Wah Monthly" magazines published from October 1947 to October 1950.  With an aim to illustrating Tung Wah’s services and the philanthropybehind, the magazine also introduces latest knowledge on medicine and medication to promotehealth education to the public. Contributedarticles such as poems and essays are included to enrich the contentand make it interesting. The magazine which was distributed for free brought great promotion effect and strengthened the connectionsbetween Tung Wah and the public. It also enhanced readers’ medical knowledge and indirectly reflected lifeof contemporary Hong Kong society.


The collection contains a total of 23 issues of “Tung Wah Monthly” magazines published by the Group from 1947 to 1950 and specifically the first issue, "Tung Wah Hospital Monthly”, launched in 1931.

Tung Wah Monthly